In addition to concerts, teach-ins, and targeted direct actions, the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street has spawned several "What Happened To Occupy Wall Street?" thinkpieces. The Huffington Post has one (complete with a photo of a lonely protester, abandoned by his friends and family with only his ideals to keep him warm) so does the Washington Post, and, the uh, the Irish Times? But this isn't new to the anniversary: The Media has been churning out this stuff for a year! So as protesters gather at this very moment in Foley Square and prepare a series of direct actions tomorrow morning, let's celebrate the One Year Anniversary Of The "Is Occupy Wall Street Dead" Trope with 31 of our favorite headlines.

We left out some of the lower-hanging fruit (The Examiner, FOX News, etc.) in favor of these SEO-polished gems. If we missed your favorite, be sure to post it in the comments, and look for a slew of the same come Tuesday.

Occupy Wall Street is 99% Dead (Wall Street Journal, 11/2/11)

Occupy Movement Losing Steam, Google Data Shows (11/3/11)

Occupy Wall Street: The Bloom Is Fading (The Economist, 11/7/11)

Why Occupy Wall Street Won't Make A Difference (Huffington Post, 11/11/11)

The Decline And Fall Of Occupy Wall Street: The American Left Has Run Out Of Steam And Liberalism Is In Crisis (Telegraph, 11/16/11)

The Failure Of The "Occupy Wall Street" Movement (O'Reilly Factor, 11/16/11)

Is Occupy Wall Street Over? Many New Yorkers Hope So (CNBC, 11/18/11)

PR Experts: Occupy Movement A Self-Defeating Disaster (Hot Air, 11/18/11)

The Protests Failed But Capitalism Is Still In The Dock (Financial Times, 11/18/11)

The Occupy Movement Has Failed The Essential Test Of Protest (Telegraph, 11/19/11)

Occupy Wall Street's Failure To Launch (Huffington Post, 11/23/11)

Occupy Wall Street, Vowing Spring Return, Dwindles In NY (WNYC, 1/31/12)

Whatever Happened To Occupy Wall Street? (Huffington Post, 1/31/12)

Whatever Happened To Occupy Wall Street? (Los Angeles Times, 3/7/12)

Is Occupy Wall Street Dead? (Russia Today, 3/16/12)

So Where's That Occupy Wall Street Comeback? (Gawker, 4/18/12)

Death By Fairy Tale: After Occupy, "The 99% Spring" Fizzle (Forbes, 4/30/12)

Occupy Wall Street Resurgence A Dud (Reuters, 5/1/12)

Occupy Protesters Are "Dumb And They're Done" (O'Reilly/FOX News, 5/2/12)

The Ho-Hum May Day Protests: Is the Occupy Movement Dead? (The Week, 5/2/12)

Occupy Wall Street's People Power Loses Popularity (Guardian, 5/14/12)

The Death Of Occupy Wall Street? It Sure Seems Like It (Outside The Beltway, 5/17/12)

Did Occupy Matter? (Harvard Crimson, 5/24/12)

The Failure Of Occupy Wall Street (Huffington Post, 5/31/12)

Occupy Wall Street Struggles For Survival (The Fiscal Times, 6/9/12)

Occupy Wall Street Movement Has Hit A Wall (Washington Post, 6/18/12)

Is The Occupy Movement Dead? (CBS Boston, 6/19/12)

Is Occupy Wall Street Dead?(The Blaze, 6/20/12)

Whatever Happened To Occupy Wall Street? (Front Page Magazine, 7/6/12)

What's Happened To The Occupiers? (Irish Times, 9/15/12)

One Year Later, What Ever Happened To Occupy Wall Street? (NBC News, 9/16/12)


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