2005_08_torontocrash.jpgThis morning, many people are thankful that all 309 passengers and crew memebers are safe after their Air France jet skidded off the runway at Pearon International Airport in Toronto. It's unclear what caused the problem, but the jet had circled the airport many times due to poor weather. Media outlets are taking the opportunity to alarm viewers/air travelers into paying more attention to the flight safety videos (Gothamist thinks the Today show clocked a good 15 minutes in the first hour on this story). Gothamist will pay more attention, as long as the folks at JFK Airport do more to make sure near-collisions (let alone collisions) don't happen anymore.

Airlines must now make sure they can get all passengers out in 90 seconds, before a damaged plane gets too toxic. Gothamist wonders if there's a similar operating standard for mass transit systems, such as subways, but we supposed it's difficult due to length of tunnels.