A former NYPD lieutenant who was accused of masturbating in front of subordinates—but claimed he had jock itch—has cost the city $300,000. Kieran Crowe was found guilty of harassment for "simulated masturbating and wiggled his tongue at [subordinates] in a sexually suggestive manner" at One Police Plaza in 2008, in spite of his dermatologist's testimony. A trial commissioner had said no condition requires "extensive staring at crotches, masturbation gestures, tongue gestures and sighing sounds" and Crowe later quit the force. Now the Daily News reports, "Sgt. Dominic Coppola will receive $175,000 and Sgt. Sean Gallagher $125,000" in the settlement. One of their lawyers said, "Although our clients are satisfied that the litigation is over, it is further proof that the once-silent issue of same-sex harassment is on the rise."