Most high-schoolers only get the privilege of taking the SAT once, preparing eagerly for months and waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to savor the thrill of the three-hour exam. It all goes by so fast! But now, thanks to an administrative snafu, some Staten Island students will get to relive the magic all over again.

30 of the students who sat for the October 7th SAT—the first where students were required to prove they weren't cheaters by bringing photo ID —at Staten Island's Tottenville High School have been told by the College Board that their answer sheets were misplaced, the Post reports. And despite college application deadlines bearing down, the College Board is telling these aspiring academes they can't sit for tomorrow's examination, since it's completely booked.

“I was devastated,” one frustrated Staten Island senior told the Post. “It’s definitely a lot of stress applying to colleges. I need to get all my information out, and it’s just the last thing I needed.”

Tomorrow's exam is a makeup for an earlier SAT date that was rescheduled after Sandy. Students whose answer sheets were misplaced will have to wait until December 1 to take the test, by which time many universities' early admission deadlines will have passed. “We’ll give the students the option of taking that test or to cancel and get a refund or to take the test the next time it’s offered," said an Educational Testing Service spokesman.

While studying for hundreds of hours only to have your exam lost is a shame, hopefully students can put things in perspective by remembering that many of their fellow Staten Islanders are dealing with much worse problems. Much, much worse.