Sherwin Rogers faced up to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty in April to first-degree marijuana possession, but yesterday he was sentenced to just three months in jail. Considering the circumstances of his arrest, one might say he got off easy—after a shootout at the Special Moments Day Care in East Flatbush, police found 10 pounds of weed that Mr. Rogers had stashed in the basement. For those moments when he needed a special time out.

Police were tipped off to the stash after being called to the scene of an armed robbery at Special Moments in 2009. After a shootout with police, the arrested robbers told cops all about the treasure in the basement, and the next day investigators returned and discovered that the center was doubling as a drug den. In addition to the reefer, they found $100,000 in cash, which can buy a lot of Pogs. Kids today are crazy about Pogs, amirite?

Yesterday, the Post reports, Rogers's lawyer pleaded with his judge to delay the sentencing because those same robbers were threatening his clients’ wife. But the judge had already granted several delays, and ordered Rogers jailed immediately, saying, pointing out that the deal was already "very generous indeed." Rogers, for his part, admitted that his "judgment was poor and terrible." Maybe next time he's sitting on a nice brick of weed he'll remember that sharing is caring.