Last night, around 6:30 p.m., a firm that was reported at 875 Longwood Avenue in the Bronx. It soon became a three-alarm fire, as it overwhelmed a five-story apartment building. According to MyFoxNY, flames from the fourth floor shot to the fifth floor: "Then flames shot out from both floors, and suddenly two firefighters were trapped inside the building. They were trying to prevent the fire from spreading to the cockloft or airspace under the roof where it would spread tot the entire building." And WABC 7, which said, "flames [were] shooting through the windows like a blowtorch," reports that firefighters "ran hoselines up four flights of stairs only to be driven back by a fireball." All told, 19 firefighters suffered injuries while residents are being housed by the Red Cross. It's suspected that an overloaded electrical circuit in a fourth floor apartment is the cause of the fire.