2008_11_marac.jpgNYC Marathon officials confirmed that a second man died after Sunday's marathon. The NY Post reports that it was 66-year-old "retired pharmacist and community activist" Joseph Marotta (pictured), "a legally-blind Staten Island father who celebrated his son's gift of a kidney by completing the last four New York City Marathons suffered an apparent heart attack and died just hours after Sunday's race." Marotta had walked the race in over 9 hours; his son said his dad "struggled during the race but insisted on finishing." The other death was 58-year-old Brazilian Jose Carlos Gomes, who completed the race but complained of chest pains and died at a hospital later on. Newsday's Anthony Rieber wonders why the marathon is getting a pass after the deaths: "Can you imagine the outcry today from marathon sponsors such as Ch. 4 in New York and The New York Times if a big boxing match in the city ended with participants dying?"