East Village residents, you lost the chopped liver, but now you get teeth cleanings: The Villager finds out that the old 2nd Avenue Deli space will be split into a dental office and food space. Vital Dent, a dental franchise that has been seen more and more in the city (Vital Dent took over the old Chambers Street Burritoville location a while back), could be opening in September if the contract is signed next week. (The real estate firm handling the deal tells the Villager, "the fat lady hasn’t sung yet” but “She’s approaching the stage.”) Additionally, the would-be food tenant is not a franchise but has other locations. Hmm, would it be wrong if another Kosher deli concept opened up there?

We're curious what the rents will be - probably much more than the $33,000 that 2nd Ave. Deli owner Jack Lebewohl didn't want to pay. And it's unclear what will happen happen to the Yiddish Hall of Fame stars.