Some exciting news from the NY Sun: The 2nd Avenue Deli may have a 2nd life as a restaurant in Murray Hill. Annie Karni reports that the Lebewohl family is about to close on 162 East 33rd Street, a five story walkup building near Third Avenue. Clearly, buying is better than paying $33,000 in monthly rent, which is what caused the deli to close last January (the rent was increased from $24,000 and there was also the matter of some back rent). It's all about the equity! Here are some details from the Sun:

The owner of the 2nd Avenue Deli, Jack Lebewohl, will not be running the new deli, but according to a spokesman for the family, Patrick Smith of Rubenstein Associates, "There is family involvement." It was Jack's 26-year-old son, Joshua Lebewohl, who applied for an on-premise liquor license transfer from the Community Board, which was approved in November. "Jack has other businesses he's pursuing right now," Mr. Smith said. A close family member who currently owns a bagel store may run day-to-day operations at the deli, and Joshua Lebewohl, who works full time as a lawyer, will likely remain involved in some capacity.

Spanish tapas bar Marbella is there now. Community Board 6 documents note, "The applicant provided an extensive menu to show us this would primarily be a food establishment selling delicatessen food with possibly a service bar," but it's not clear if it'll be kosher or actually called the 2nd Avenue Deli.
Whether or not it's the 2nd Avenue Deli, we just hope some favorites from the old menu will return, like the corned beef, mushroom barley soup and incredible tuna fish.

And the old 2nd Avenue Deli space will probably be a bank, since the Vital Dent deal fell through.