The NYPD has arrested a second man allegedly involved in an avocado-and-banana attack that left a Bronx bodega worker with a broken jaw last month.

Cops say Jestyfer Henriquez, 25, and an accomplice pelted 21-year-old Amr Alzabidi with avocados and bananas on May 29th during a dispute over their food order at Stadium Gourmet Deli near Yankee Stadium. Yesterday, police arrested Brad Gomez, 28; both suspects hail from the Bronx and will be charged with assault.

Alzabidi suffered a broken jaw and sustained lacerations to his face. He told reporters yesterday that his attackers were riled up after they discovered a deli worker in the bodega didn't speak English well.

"He was trying to order from the deli guy who doesn’t speak good English," Alzabidi told DNAinfo. "[Gomez] came behind the counter, and I grabbed the phone. I was trying to call 911."

That was when the two men, alleged to be Henriquez and Gomez, attacked:

Alzabidi underwent surgery on his jaw, and still sports bruising to his eye. "I’m on so much pain medication ... my eye is swollen shut,” he told the Daily News yesterday. "I have double vision. I had an orbital floor fracture. It’s really bad. It is so much swelling you cannot even see my eye."

The News notes that since the attack, workers at Stadium Gourmet Deli have moved the avocados away from the deli counter, and replaced them with softer oranges instead.