Even though Adriana Ferryr told the Daily News she wouldn't comment on why she's suing her ex-boyfriend, billionaire activist investor George Soros, for $50 million—"It's a private matter for me. I'm really busy with my schoolwork and am trying to focus on that"—it's apparently not too private for the NY Post. Ferryr, a 28-year-old former Brazilian soap star who is now at Columbia, insisted to the Post, "Some people don't understand the age difference, but for me, it wasn't a problem. I wouldn't go out with a muscular guy who has tattoos, but I wouldn't call other people strange because they have different taste than me." Soros turned 81 yesterday.

Ferryr is suing Soros because she claims that he promised to buy a $1.9 million Upper East apartment for her, but then reneged and gave the apartment another woman, who acts as his traveling nurse. Ferryr said, "He had told me, 'She [is] like a butler. She is like a nurse to me. She is a companion ... I am not sexually involved with her. I am not attracted to her. I prefer to be with you, but you are in school [at Columbia] so I don't travel with you.' Then, he gave her my dream apartment. I was completely heartbroken."

The pair parted ways, but then Ferryr says Soros begged that she come back to him and told her to pick out a new apartment. She found a $4.3 million apartment in the same East 85th Street building, but after telling Soros, he allegedly told her, "What? No, I am not going to buy you an apartment! What are you talking about?" Ferryr says, "I started crying and said, 'Why would you do this?' It is intentional infliction of emotional distress." She still managed to find a way to live in the building, but her lawsuit claims that Soros tried to get her thrown out and hired private eyes to stalk her and that Soros' "nurse" slandered her to the board. And that's how we have a $50 million lawsuit, folks.

Soros' lawyer says, "This is about a lot of money and an apartment... The complaint is riddled with false charges and is obviously an attempt to extract money from my client, who is a very wealthy man."