A 26-year-old Brooklyn man drowned while swimming off Long Beach yesterday evening. His companion, who was also swimming in the area, was rescued but not injured.

Lifeguards say they attempted to rescue the swimmer, who has not been identified, at around 6:30 p.m. yesterday. He and a friend were caught in the rip currents—they were both rushed to area hospitals, where the victim was pronounced dead.

"Yeah, somebody came running up to tell us that there's two guys in the surf need help, and I only saw one, and then when I started running down, I saw a limp body in the surf, and I took that one and my son went out and got the guy who was way out that was losing it," Ed Fayans, who was surfing at the beach, told ABC.

The man was the first to drown at Long Beach this summer. The beach's chief lifeguard, Paul Gillespie, told ABC that the waves were massive yesterday and more than one swimmer was rescued from the water earlier that day.

Long Beach is currently temporarily closed to swimmers.