warhol-dollar-sign.jpgGothamist loves a good story about the authorities stumbling onto drug money transfers, and this story even involves Kenneth Cole. But just Kenneth Cole shopping bags. The NY Times reports that some federal and city investigators were observing a street in the Bronx to track some drug money laundering. And while they didn't see the group they were targetting, they did see two other men taking out two shopping bags from a car, "straining" from the weight of the bags, looking over their shoulders every so often...and in fact, the Kenneth Cole shopping bag and an E.G.O. shopping bag were filled with $250,000 in cash. Even better, one of the men questioned "said that a key in his pocket would open the door of a nearby apartment, and he gave them permission to search it." And inside the apartment was $420,000 more in cash. Clearly, crime does and doesn't pay.