2007_04_drinking2.jpgThe Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released findings about New Yorkers' drinking habits and finds that 14% binge drink. That translates to 900,000 New Yorkers, and binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks on one occasion.

As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, the Health Department "urges New Yorkers who regularly binge drink or think they might have a drinking problem - as well as people with friends or loved ones who may have a drinking problem - to get help by calling 311 and asking for LifeNet, or by talking to a doctor."

Other stats:
- 23% of NYC men binge drink (vs. 7% NYC women)
- One in four Hispanic and white males binge drink, versus one in six black men and one in eight Asian men.
- White women are more likely to binge drink than black, Hispanic or Asian women.
- Binge drinks are more likely to smoke heavily (43% vs. 37%), use drugs (19% vs. 7%), and have multiple sexual partners (17% vs. 6%) than those who don't binge drink.

Here's the city's How Much is Too Much health bulletin about drinking (PDF).