[Update Below] A 24-year-old was shot in Williamsburg last night. According to the NYPD the man was "shot several times in the leg" around 10:45 p.m.on Bedford Avenue near North 9th (in front of the Kasia's Polish diner). Luckily the young man, who was quickly taken to Bellevue, is in stable condition.

According to the police no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. What set off the shooting is not immediately clear but witnesses tell the New York Post that they saw two men running away from the scene immediately after the shots were fired. The NYPD would not confirm the number of suspects involved.

"I heard pop pop pop and then looked outside and saw the man laying on the ground," Kasia's owner told the tabloid. "He asked me to help and so I called the ambulance right away. He was bleeding all over; there was blood everywhere."

Update: A neighbor who says he lives 30 feet from the scene of the shooting writes in to say that one of the shooting suspects was a local drug dealer: "Apparently his mom was carjacked for his Jaguar a few hours before the shooting. The victim? One of the carjackers. Who knows why he came back to the area." According to our tipster, the dealer is a nuisance who has "none too subtle handoffs to kids in car service town cars...he and his boys smoke weed outside their place three or four times every fucking day...Most of my neighbors, and myself, are glad this happened."

Update 2: Another neighbor writes in to back up the drug dealer theory, saying: "For months I have watched guys hang out by that Jaguar in the evening, one will get a phone call go inside and minutes later drive off, and come back 15 minutes later. A fairly obvious drug dealer if you ask me."