102308dog.jpg24-year-old Tyrell Garcia, who works in an animal hospital on Long Island, won $235,000 in a settlement with the city yesterday because of injuries sustained during his August 2007 arrest. It's a crazy story: Police wanted to question Garcia about his friend, murder suspect Rhian Taylor, who Garcia had driven to a lawyer to turn himself in. Cops tailed Garcia to the home he shares with his grandmother, chased him through the house and into a neighbor's yard, where they allegedly pistol-whipped him. Then Garcia says they sicced a K9 on him and the dog tore a chunk of flesh from his left leg (a wound that still oozes, according to the Daily News). He was cited for a broken tail light, lacking car insurance and trespassing, which were all dropped. In agreeing to the settlement, neither the city nor the dog admitted any wrongdoing.