A 23-year-old man was found stabbed to death early this morning in Chelsea near the Juliet Supper Club. Police sources tell DNAinfo the death was linked to a nightclub, but declined to say which one.

Christopher Adames, who lives with his mother on West 108th Street, was found stabbed multiple times in the torso on West 21st Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. According to NBC's sources Adames had been seen earlier in the night "talking to two women inside Juliet Supper Club, and then there was a confrontation that escalated outside." After stabbing Adames, the suspect, whom police have declined to identify while they question witnesses, reportedly fled in an Audi. Adames was declared dead at Bellevue hospital a little after 5 a.m.

The Juliet Supper Club, which was last in the news over smoking fines last August and which we once described as being "the perfect place to shoot the pivotal scene in which the altruistic young prosecutor (Julia Stiles) is seduced by the sinister, Satan-worshiping drug dealer (Matthew McConaughey) over champagne at his private banquette," has yet to return our phone calls seeking comment. From their Twitter feed, however, it appears that LeBron James was in the house again last night.

Update: The Juliet Supper Club, which takes pains to note that the incident occurred on closer to the West Side Highway than their place of business, sent us the following statement: "Juliet Supper Clubs owners and management have been in cooperation with the Police and have turned over all tapes and entry records to the detectives who are currently investigating this tragic incident. Though, it has been proven that there was no altercation inside the venue with ANY of their guest and is and the event took place after the venue was closed and is not officially linked with this stabbing is assisting in any way that they can."