A fire broke out on the third floor of a Manhattan high-rise apartment building and quickly grew to four alarms, as wind fed the blaze and immense smoke filled hallways. Twenty-three people were injured, including four firefighters and a seven-year-old girl who was found in cardiac arrest. One person stuck on the 7th floor said, "You open the window and you hear people everywhere scream ‘help, please help!'"

The girl, found on the 21st floor of 515 West 59th Street, was revived outside. Many residents of the 33-floor building, which is used to house Mount Sinai graduate medical students, were trapped on their floors.

One 13th floor resident told the Daily News, "I was cooking and no fire alarms went off so I didn't notice."

Some people left their apartments and went to the roof, which the FDNY does not advise (in 2014, a man who tried to flee his high rise apartment during a fire died in a stairwell from smoke inhalation). Instead, the FDNY says they should have stayed in their apartment:

Two babies were in serious condition while one firefighter was badly burned.

The FDNY believes that the fire was caused by "careless use of an open flame/candle." Further, the smoke detector wasn't working:

A woman who lives next to the apartment where the fire broke out told the Post, "I saw [the neighbor] in the lobby. She was completely covered with black ashes. I tried to have her go to emergency room, but she was concerned about the damage in her apartment. I ran downstairs, not sure how she got out. I am concerned about my friends in the building.”

The FDNY recommends people learn if their building is fireproof or non-fireproof and develop an escape plan accordingly: