A 21-year-old East Williamsburg resident fell to his death from a fourth-floor apartment window early Saturday morning, according to the NYPD. Wyatt Tyler, who lived in the building, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police responded to the sidewalk outside of 924 Metropolitan Avenue, near the corner of Olive Street, around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. On arrival, they discovered Tyler unconscious and unresponsive on the sidewalk, with body trauma. EMS transported him to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Tyler was attending a party in the apartment, according to multiple media reports. Tabloids reported that Tyler leaned against a screen in the fourth floor window that could not support his weight, though an NYPD spokesman would only confirm that he had fallen from a fourth-floor window.

The spokesman added that no criminality was suspected, though an investigation is ongoing. Tyler is believed to have been intoxicated when he fell, according to the NYPD.

"We heard a bunch of people running down the stairs and screaming and yelling," neighbor Lance Neyland, 27, told the NY Post. "At first I thought it was just people being drunk and I was going to go down there and tell them to quiet down, but then I looked out the window and I realized what had happened."

"I just kept hearing [cursing] over and over again," neighbor Elizabeth Laraia, 28, told the Daily News. "I knew there was something going on with the amount of yelling, but thats really, really sad."

Wyatt grew up in New Orleans, according to his Facebook page, and reportedly studied at NYU.

Wyatt was the second person to fall to his death in Brooklyn this past weekend. Rame Pierre-Louis, 13, died after he jumped off of a Bushwick rooftop on Friday. He may have believed that police were chasing him when he took the fatal leap, according to reports.

"Rame was a good kid from a loving home," a relative told the NY Post. "For him to end like this is devastating to his whole family. It’s unbelievable."