There was quite a raucous scene last night outside Town Hall, where seven Democratic candidates and their supporters converged for the official debate leading up to next month's primary. The Carlos Danger Weiner mobile was parked across the street, a drum circle dance party raged for Bill de Blasio, Christine Quinn supporters chanted over Bill Thompson supporters who chanted over John Liu supporters, and it took forever to find a place to lock my bike. If you liked getting screamed at while elbowing your way through a strident mob scene, this was the place to be.

Just getting to the door of Town Hall proved to be a prolonged and highly abrasive experience—stop YELLING at me and I'll vote for whomever you want, I swear! I approached Town Hall thinking I was voting for my paisan Sal Albanese, but then that "WHO DO WE WANT? BILL THOMPSON!" chant really won me over. And that was before I ate peyote at the de Blasio hipster drum circle, so I don't even know who the hell to vote for now. Wouldn't it be cool if, in last minute twist, Liu and Weiner got surgically joined at the hip and ran as Liuner? Can't we just settle this whole thing like they do in Europe, with a dunking booth?

Anyway, here's video of what you missed at the raging de Blasio street party:

The primary election is September 10th. If you're not a registered Democrat, it's way too late for you to vote for any of these candidates, because the MACHINE is set up to disenfranchise lazy people.