Eli Manning is fully recovered from his stomach bug, Mayoral bets have been made, we've geeked out on NFL playoff graphics, and everyone is pumped for Sunday's NFC Championship game between the Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. Police are prepared as well: after New Orleans fans complained of harassment by unruly 49ers supporters last week, undercover police officers will be dressed as Giants fans to lookout for any trouble. And even better news: the Giants are still the underdog!

That little fact shouldn't be overlooked: the Giants seem to play better when the sports world doesn't expect as much from them. Despite all the hoopla we make here in NYC (see: Chris Christie bitching about possible parade routes before they've even made it to the Super Bowl), most football pundits are still picking the 49ers to defeat the Giants at Candlestick Park. Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks it'll be a "good ol' slugfest" that falls in the 49ers favor; the NY Times doesn't expect much offense, but does expect the 49ers to prevail.

Best of all, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis has possibly jinxed his team into oblivion: Davis is hosting a San Francisco championship after-party on Sunday night after the game. Giants fans already know about it, and hope the team "can spoil Davis' plans as they've spoiled Jerry Jones', Rex Ryan's and Bill Belichick's in the recent past." Otherwise, a lot of lollipops will be needed to avoid a bad case of "acute crankiness."