Next year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium means the anticipated matchup will be in frigid, "retarded" weather. And to make things more interesting, it seems the NFL will be charging about $2,600 for VIP tickets—double what they were in New Orleans!

According to the Wall Street Journal, "The NFL is on the verge of approving a plan that would more than double the prices the league charges for the most coveted Super Bowl tickets. According to three league officials familiar with the plan, club-level seats in the mezzanine with access to indoor restaurants are likely to cost about $2,600—a mammoth hike from last year's game in New Orleans, where the top tickets went for $1,250. The next-cheapest tranche of seats (those in the lower bowl) would cost about $1,500, the executives said, up from $950 for the second-tier seats sold in New Orleans."

Why so expensive? Here's some cute explaining:

NFL officials argue that New York is a unique Super Bowl market that warrants higher ticket prices. Not only is it more densely populated than other Super Bowl venues, it has a high concentration of wealthy corporations and individuals. There is also a well-established tradition in the city of paying out the nose for marquee events.

Since roughly 50 million people live within 200 miles of MetLife Stadium (compared with 6 million in New Orleans) NFL officials argue that many people won't mind paying more, since they're likely to save money on flights and hotels.

And the indoor suites (with 30 tickets) are going for $500,000! However, the NFL is lowering the price of the "cheap seats" from the 2013 price $600 to $500—"about 39% of the roughly 77,500 seats would cost $1,000 or less." A STEAL for these people.