We've already compiled a list of our top ten favorite subway viral videos of 2012, which included teens licking subway railings, straphangers screaming "Thriller," potato chip peacemakers and people stupidly goofing around on the tracks. But that only scratched the surface of bizarre subway behaviors—so below, we've compiled the rest of the best subway moments (like we did last year)—from pet rats to breakdancer rants, from blowjobs to topless protesters, from sleep standing to shaman dancing.

The Sounds Of The Subway: There's a very thin line between beautiful and creepy, and this video had no problem walking along it.

BENDING SOUNDS - NYC SUBWAY from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

Going Down While Headed Uptown: Yes, we came across footage of two young ladies fellating two gentlemen on the 6 train. No, we're not going to embed the video below. Yes, you can see it here if you must.

Breakdancers Rant: An angry woman screamed on behalf of all New Yorkers who have been stuck on a crowded subway car with breakdancers.

Vigilante Subway Justice: Sometimes, New Yorkers get fed up with all the subway pervs and gropers taking advantage of straphangers. In this inspirational video, several riders band together to help a woman who says she was groped, holding the alleged groper until the police arrived to arrest him.

Bedford Ave L Platform Dance Party: For the most part, subway platform dancing is frowned upon—except when everyone starts singing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" at the Bedford Avenue L stop.

Bare Feet On The Pole: Yes, it isn't as bad as furiously licking your shoe—but rubbing your bare feet against the subway pole is actually more harmful to other people.

The Most Horrifying Subway Photo Ever: Sometimes you don't need a video to shock people; sometimes all it takes is one grainy photo.

Sleep Dancing While Standing On Subway: There's nothing wrong with trying to sneak in some zzz's while standing on the subway. As long as you're not a cop, of course.

Topless Protester: As far as we know, it's a very rare subway sighting—how many nekked people did you see on the subway this year (...not including Holly Van Voast)?

Pet Rats On The L Train: If they're really pets, shouldn't they be on leashes?

L Train Shaman: Forget all the onion choppers, the kitty abusers, the $20 turnstile swipers, the huggers, the racist ranters, and the smokers—but do remember the subway shaman and his ritual L train dance.