For New York to realize its Olympic dreams in 2012, NYC2012 is looking to divide European votes and curry favor with the governing bodies for different sports. Despite coming in fourth in an analysis by of the five competing cities competing for the 2012 Games, insiders say New York may only trail Paris now. According to Mayor Bloomberg, the plan for NYC2012 depends on the construction of a stadium for the Jets and construction on the facility would have to begin prior to the final vote by the International Olympic Committee on July 6th, 2005.

Some insiders are saying that, while it's really too early to count votes, New York would have to win votes from Central and South America, Asia, and parts of Europe. Why would Europeans vote for New York? Because if Paris wins, hopes of their countries hosting the Summer Games in 2016 are gone. New York is also establishing plans of promoting the "lesser known" sports after the 2012 Games, making use of facilities that would be constructed for the games.

If Bloomberg says the Olympics are dependent on the stadium plan, why can't he make the stadium dependent on the Olympics? The city and state could approve the stadium and Javits center proposal (which are tied together), but the stadium construction would be contingent on winning the 2012 bid. Sure, stadiums aren't built in a day, but if Greek inefficiency can build a stadium, then surely union workers can build a stadium. But all this would make sense, and the city never does anything that makes sense.

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