Today is going to seem quite pleasant when compared to yesterday's brutish conditions and tomorrow's mess. The wind speed in Central Park averaged 14.3 mph yesterday --the breeziest day of the month. As the center of high pressure moves passes to the south of the city the winds have died down and we'll see a relatively calm day with morning sun giving way to afternoon clouds and a high around the freezing mark.

The forecast for tomorrow and New Year's Day is a big mess. Two different upper-level disturbances, one from the southwest the other from the northwest, will race across the country to bring a mix of rain and snow through Saturday. Look for the precipitation to start as snow tomorrow morning before changing over to sleet and rain by afternoon. Up to an inch of sloppy gunk may accumulate in the city.

The second wave of precipitation will probably start tomorrow night. Times Square revelers may want to bring an umbrella in addition to wearing a warm coat and Depends undergarments. The mix of rain and snow will last through New Year's Day before changing over to snow Friday evening. Northern New England should see lots of snow from this second storm but little accumulation is expected in the city. The flurries will taper off on Saturday and the sun may return by the end of the weekend.