Because September 8, 2009 is 776 days away, let's talk the 2009 mayoral race.

The Post reports that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly met with a "political guru" about his chances in the 2009 mayoral race. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne explained that Kelly was at a meeting that was also attended by Republican strategist Scott Reed, but politics weren't discussed. Still, Kelly's seems to be the name mentioned most often these days when speaking of possible Republican contenders - and he's not closing off himself to the possibility.

On the Democratic side, there's Representative Anthony Weiner, City Comptroller Bill Thompson, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and quite possibly City Councilman John Liu. Liu has raised $1.6 million for some sort of campaign, the most out of all City Council members, including Quinn. Liu told the Daily News, "I'm open to anything from dogcatcher to top dog. I know I want to serve in a citywide capacity. No matter what is down the road, it doesn't change the need to fund-raise."

Quinn has raised $1.4 million so far. As it happens, her mayoral ambitions were mentioned during a City Council meeting today: Quinn had fired City Council staffer Viola Plummer physically removed from chambers by police and security, while Plummer's (old) boss City Councilman (and 2009 Brooklyn Borough President candidate) Charles Barron shouted, "Christine, you will never be mayor!" Plummer was fired two weeks ago by Quinn, over Plummer's heckling, questionable statements, and refusal to sign a letter saying she'd behave during Council meetings.

And while September 8, 2009 is primary day; the general election is November 3, 2009.

From left: The Democrats Liu, Weiner, Quinn, and Thompson; and registered independent (he did his first stint as commish under Dinkins) Kelly