While we were sipping lattes in the elevator ride to our fifth floor office this morning, thousands of over-achievers were making us look like pathetic sedentary blobs by racing up all 86 flights of the Empire State Building. Hundreds of fitness buffs from 17 different countries competed in the 32nd annual "Run-up," climbing a vertical distance of 1,050 feet and ascending over 1,500 steps. For the third-straight year, the women's winner was Suzanne Walsham of Singapore, with a time of 13 minutes and 26 seconds.

And for the fourth straight year, the mens' winner was German Übermensch Thomas Dold, who rose to the top in 10 minutes and six seconds. He tells NY1, "It's really cool to show the people what I train for." But all that training still wasn't good enough to beat the world record set by an Australian runner in 2003, which schools Dold by 33 seconds. And to make us feel even more listless, one of the oldest climbers, 71-year-old Kumi Horiuchi, talked with the Rocky Mountain News about her fitness regimen.