Well before New Yorkers headed to the polls on Tuesday, city Democrats were wondering who would be able to take back City Hall in 2009. The Daily News and NY Times talk to Democrats about the situation. It seems that newly reelected City Comptroller William Thompson, Bronx Borough President Aldolfo Carrion (also just reelected), and Congressman Anthony "Runner Up" Weiner are the ones who might have what it takes; plus, they each admitted that they would put together exploratory committees next year. Thompson and Weiner have the highest profiles, with Thompson speaking about the city's fiscal future frequently and Weiner known for his scrappy primary campaign. Carrion is probably hoping that his South Bronx revitalization projects will give more citywide perception. But if Bloomberg does well in the next four years, it's very possible that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly could run on the Republican ticket.

There's still basically three years for stuff to happen, so you never know: Your City Council member could be in the running. And a funny note: The URL for the NY Times story is has "losers" in it.