200712onorato.jpgWe checked in with some folks recently for a little end of '07 "exit interview" before we enter a new year. Thomas Onorato was the subject of a tell-all titled Confessions From the Velvet Rope last year -- but what has the self-proclaimed "door bitch" been doing in 2007?

What did you do last New Years Eve? What will you do this year?
Last year I did the door for 8 hours to the MOTHERF*CKER New Years Eve Party at Rebel in the rain, and it still turned out to be a good year. Now that MF is no longer with us, I will be doing the door to Don Hill’s New Years eve with a bunch of friends wearing my new man wrap, doing my best to stay warm. Paging Christopher Bailey!

Any resolutions going into 2008?
Resolutions never work, I always set the best intentions looking forward.... To build my company OW! With my business partner Max, to find a new roommate, to look as young and thin as possible at all times from every angle, continue to curate my scarf collection and to dance as often as often as possible.

Best/worst meal you had in the city this year.
Best – Perilla, with my friend writer and food critic Mark O’Flaherty. The duck meat balls will in fact change your life.
Worst - East of 8th on 23rd in Chelsea. My friends had me meet them there one night earlier this year, and when half of us did not eat our fish entrees because they tasted a bit “unfresh” our lovely waiter asked us if anything was wrong. We said we were fine and not to worry about it. He complained for us, of his own choice, and I actually heard the manager say to him, “I will not be doing anything for 'those' people!” Needless to say, it was very disappointing and I’m sure it’s a great revenge fantasy for some of your readers out there. Enjoy!

Best/worst concert you saw in the city this year.
Best – So many, The Rapture, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Bonde do Role at Flavorpill’s One Step Beyond, and others.
Worst – Every self entitled white person that has moved into Manhattan and acted like the own the place at said concert.

Most interesting/Least interesting New Yorker you met this year.
Most – Mr. Andre J, the true Cinderella story of the year and it could not happen to a nicer person.
Least – Duh, I do not want the church of Scientology to come after me!

Most memorable "only in New York" story of 2007.
Standing in line to pay at Whole Foods with Kenny Scharf in front of me, Elizabeth Saltzaman behind me and artist Terrance Ko strolling by in leggings and oversized sunglasses. It reminded me how genius New York can be at moments.

What trend do you think will be "big in '08" in the city?
House parties vs going out. The end of sack like carb friendly dresses! Sorry ladies... Vive le Revolution!

Photo via NY Mag.