Last year ended much as it began -warm, warm, warm. Last month was the third warmest December since records began in 1869. The average temperature in Central Park last year was 56.8 degrees, making 2006 the sixth warmest year on record. Seven of the city's ten warmest years have occurred since 1990.

The first weather highlight last year was January's warmth. We saw record-breaking warm days, and the month was nearly nine degrees above normal.

February brought a different kind of record. On the 11th and 12th Central Park had it's greatest snowfall ever. The snow was odd as it was extremely localized, with Brooklyn and Queens receiving far less than Manhattan.

A crazy flash-in-the-pan snow shower got us all talking in April when it was accompanied by green skies.

There were two short heat waves in July and August. Everyone would have forgotten about the first if it had not been for the Astoria power outage.

The weather last fall was pretty unremarkable until December 9th. Every day since then has been warmer than normal. Today marks our 23rd consecutive warm day. There was no snow in November and December. The last time that happened Rutherford B. Hayes was president.

The heavy overnight rains have left us, but there's still a good chance for showers the rest of the day. The mild weather continues its run this week. High temperatures should be 50 degrees or warmer until at least next weekend. Since it is unlikely we will have snow by next Thursday it looks certain that this winter will break the record for latest winter appearance of snow. 2007 is off to a record start!