If there's one more reason not to ban photography in the subways, Gothamist would have to say it's having firefighters pose half naked for the FDNY Calendar of Heroes, as such Stephen Spagnola does above, in one of the newer subway cars, or else the MTA would be depriving many women (and men) of this distinct pleasure. The FDNY unveiled their annual calendar yesterday at South Street Seaport. Women swooned over the firefighters, who took off their shirts - for charity, of course. There are twelve months of hunks, and and in the equal opportunity vein, there's a black firefighter, Damean Timm, and even a Chinese one, Bundy Chung (he's at least Asian) - posing in Chinatown, no less. Timm told the Post, "It's totally about the cause [the FDNY Fire Safety Education Fund]. Listen, we get our balls broken for this at the firehouse. The guy always make cracks or throw darts at the pictures - so it's totally about the cause."

You can check out some of the photos of the firefighters before you buy the calendars at FDNY Fire Zone. And Gothamist on the 2004 Calendar.