In January 2003, Gothamist was fascinated by a murder on Orchard Street. A young man, about to start a job as a banker the next week, was shot in front of his sister's apartment, at 75-79 Orchard Street, between Grand and Broome. Then it seemed his friend might be involved, because the friend refused to cooperate with the police, but then the friend did - a sketch was released and apparently the victim, Burke O'Brien and the friend were involved in a robbery gone wrong. And then that was all we heard. Over a year later, the ABC News show, NYPD 24/7, airs an episode about the police investigation into the O'Brien murder, which is still open. The O'Brien Family has been contacting various media outlets (even us here at Gothamist) to remind people of the crime and watch the episode. Also, they are letting the public know that they are offering a $50,000 reward for any additional information that leads to the killer(s).

They have set up a site, burkeobrien.org, with information about the crime and press coverage of the crime. The Post spoke to the O'Brien family about their new outreach to get more information about Burke's murder. While watching the NYPD 24/7 episode will be tough, they hope the exposure will move the investigation. Gothamist is optimistic that the police are trying to keep the public safe, but it is upsetting to think of how many crimes go unsolved every year in the City.

The NY Times interviews NYPD 24/7 producer Terrence Wrong. Gothamist previously on NYPD 24/7.