Blackout; Photo - Vincent LaForet, NY Times

Two years ago today the lights went out all over New York and what really impressed Gothamist was that, in one of those great moments of urban solidarity, nothing bad really happened (unlike, say, the blackout of '77). What's important to remember though, besides how well everyone did last time, is how easily another blackout could happen today. Especially after yesterday's record breaking heat, 99° in Central Park!

With the anniversary in mind the Times took a three-article look at the issue of another blackout on its op-ed page yesterday. They focused on the ease with which a terrorist could attack unprotected electrical relays and substations (remember, the 2003 blackout occurred because of events in Ohio, of all places), the inherent problems in living in an increasingly inter-connected world (by which the author is talking as much about electricity trading as the internet), and the untapped similarities between managing air-traffic and electrical grids.

While you think about that, however, today is supposed to be another hot one, so remember to stay hydrated and to turn off the air-conditioner when you leave the room.

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