You remember it like it was yesterday - the 2003 blackout across the northeastern United States that made New Yorkers wonder if there was another terrorist attack but then they just settled in for some street parties after finally making it home. Today is the third anniversary of the blackout (time really flies), which the city managed to handle well, especially since the blame could be assigned to outside of New York - whereas the Queens blackout is a mess beyond belief.

To celebrate there's a blackout bar hop planned tonight, with some bars offering Blackout Specials, like $5 off pitchers of margaritas at Tortilla Flats. And Martin Perna is reading his children's coloring book, Blackout (illustrated by Ricardo Cortes), on the Lower East Side tonight - and there's a reading to kids tomorrow on the Upper East Side, because it's never to early to explain blackouts of the electrical kind to kids.

Some Blackout of 2003 links:
- The Energy Department blamed the blackout on Ohio
- 20 million gallons of human waste were dumped into the East River during the blackout because the DEP's backup generators didn't work
- New Yorkers actually talked to each other during the blackout - and after
- And some pictures of the city during the blackout via Gothamist and a moblog (it was pre-Flickr, people!)