boardwalk.jpgEven as Astroland is on the verge of losing its lease, City officials are looking to collect $200 million from various sources to overhaul the Coney Island boardwalk. The New York Post reports that funds are being sought from New York State, the federal government, and even Brooklyn real estate owners who will benefit from a refurbished seaside walkway.

The sought-after $200 million will be used to replace a three mile stretch of boardwalk from Sea Gate to Brighton Beach. According to the Post, the length around Coney Island's amusement district features wobbly planks and loose nails. The City paid out $157,000 to settle nine lawsuits in 2005 and 2006, related to physical injuries allegedly caused by the rickety state of the boardwalk. Congressman Jerrold Nadler (who represents the West Side of Manhattan) reportedly witnessed a man injured while falling through the boardwalk a few months ago. The Parks Dept.'s current annual budget for boardwalk maintenance is $1.5 million.

(Boardwalk on Coney Island, by TimSPC at flickr)