Yesterday we counted down our 10 favorite subway moments of 2013, including subway sharks, spontaneous sax battles, death-defying ollies, happy headbangers and barefoot mamas. But not everything was kittens and selfies: for every person who conjured Victorian-era manners while riding, there was someone sipping Bacardi while sitting cockeyed across the seats. Below, check out 20 bizarre things New Yorkers hauled along with them on the subway in 2013.

Furniture: Let's start with something simple. People move all the time, and not everyone wants to hire a U-Haul to carry their chairs, their La-Z-Boys or their antique tables. Of course, couches are a whole other story.

Ty (right) and her friend

Patio Furniture: But even couches seem reasonable compared to entire patio furniture sets.


Unwrapped Mattresses: And patio furniture seems positively civilized compared to the the dude who decided to drag his queen sized mattress through the subway.

"Fuck it"

Bags Of Cash: While we always go for the tried-and-true method of stashing our bundles of cash under our mattress, we can understand why some might be more attracted to the old "throw it in a garbage bag and haul it around with you at all times" option.

Surfboards: Seeing a surfboard on the train makes almost no sense. So put your shirt back on, brah.


Giant Sousaphones: AKA, comically large instruments.

IMG 2115 from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Pad Thai Woks: The man in the video below who is transporting pad thai noodles in an open wok on a crowded subway is really Zen about his choices.

"Pad Thai Noodles coming out!" OF THE SUBWAY from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Giant Wheels Of Cheese: If you're going to bring a piece of cheese onto the train that is as big as your head, you better be prepared to share it with your fellow straphangers.


Discarded Banana Peels: This Seriously Self-Important New York Businesswoman who prefers the company of banana peels to human beings is seriously special.


Grills: You can't get the subway party started without the smoker grill.


Bikes: Look, it happens sometimes. That doesn't mean you can't be considerate about it and pass out some Nutter Butters.

(Nic Garcia)

Citi Bikes: Think about it this way: before the year 2013, this wasn't imaginable.

Via Miranda W.

Baby Rats: Sometimes people have to bring their pet dogs or cats on the subway. We get that. But pet rats? At least keep them tucked in your mouth, for chrissakes.


Giant Magical Dogs: Why did this lady even take mass transit when her dog can clearly FLY?

Sharks: Snakes and ducks are one thing. Dead sharks are a whole other ballgame.


Our Hanging Brains: You'll have to click here if you want to see the unedited photo.

You can thank Keith C. for this photograph (Keith C. / Gothamist)

Cigarettes/Marijuana: Hey, those don't belong here. I suppose we should be glad no spitting was involved.

A Sense Of Entitlement: This is perhaps best represented by the way men (and women) spread their seated legs across vast plains. Or perhaps by those people who feel it is socially acceptable to lie down and take a nap or play video games during rush hour.

Case in Point. (Via Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train)

Michael Cera: Look, we know he didn't show up there magically on his own, so who left Michael Cera on the train?


An Inflated Sense Of Self Symbolized By The Glass Boxes On Their Heads: Never change NYC.