First we counted down our 10 favorite subway moments of 2013, including subway sharks, spontaneous sax battles, death-defying ollies, happy headbangers and barefoot mamas. Then we went through 20 bizarre things NYers brought onto the subway in 2013, including unwrapped mattresses, bags of cash, giant sousaphones and discarded banana peels. Now, check out 20 more weird and wonderful subway moments from the year that's been—including oatmeal eaters, stair humpers, track twerkers, preppy drunks, and butt bongos.

Masked Kids Terrorize Subway: Let's go back to the very first subway video post of 2013, from January 2nd—a timely reminder that everything is terrible, children are monsters, this is why we can't have nice things, etc.

Gimp Suit: There's no better way to thank the MTA than with Pulp Fiction-esque Gimp Man suit...sitting at the Bedford Avenue stop...?

Pot Of Oatmeal: Because who has time for bowls anymore.

(Reddit, god bless em)

Misunderstood Man Sits On Subway Floor, Tugs At City's Heartstrings: AKA when subway shaming goes wrong on Reddit.


Subway Stair Humpers: This seems obvious, but don't try to do it on the stairs leading to and from the subway.

Waiting For The Subway On The Tracks: Young people are stupid sometimes.

Twerking On The Tracks: No seriously, young people are really stupid sometimes.

Preppy Drunk Racist: Who could forget the drunken ramblings of our least favorite Lady Gaga aficionado?

Gay Man Stands Up To Homophobic Preacher: As we put it back in February, if you want to feel good about New York, there are worse things you could do than to watch the below clip.

Subway Pole Butt: What happens to a defenseless subway pole when it is consumed by an ample posterior?

A tipster tells us this lonely subway pole was finally shown appreciation on the A train in August (Gothamist)

A Reminder Why You Should Care About Sagging Pants: This is why.


The Worst Subway Photo Of The Year: If you haven't already reconsidered sitting on the subway thanks to the last photo, then this one might do the trick.

Photo taken by Tom K. & Sophia C. courtesy of Eddie Going/Going with Eddie

Subtly Touching Strangers: The most frustrating form of real life trolling.

Halloween Costumes: NYers brought out some pretty inventive and impressive costumes for Halloween.


Ghostbuster: But it was definitely not Halloween when we spotted this man who is very serious about his Ghostbusters cosplay.

Courtesy Inside Hoops

People Exercising On The Subway: One man's means of transportation is another man's means of getting swole.

Bare Feet: We've touched on this before, but what the hell is up with people taking off their shoes (and their socks!) on the subway? Also bad: throwing your shoes on the seat.

Courtesy a "concerned" citizen.

Passionately Singing And Dancing: We are fully in favor of people passionately belting out a song, especially if it's "Thriller." Dancing is also appreciated when you are as good as the guys in the video below.

Bohemian Rhapsody Drunk: Did you know that Swedish Chef is a fan of Queen?

And finally, Butt Bongos: This is just life-affirming.