About 20 straphangers were stranded on Wednesday afternoon when an elevator that lifts riders from the Court Street subway station to street level in Brooklyn Heights got stuck mid-trip. As a commuter who used to ride subway elevators twice daily, this falls into my bucket of NYC nightmares. But at least one rider caught in the lurch escaped mentally unscathed.

"No one visibly panicked which made a huge difference," wrote Rachel Jo Silver, 33, in a message to Gothamist on Thursday. "TBH I think the fact that we had wifi was a big deal. Everyone could text and let people know where they were." (Also call 911, though there's also a call button for that.)

The FDNY responded to the R train Court Street station at the corner of Clinton and Montague Streets around 4:15 p.m., according to the department, and managed to extract everyone from the elevator uninjured.

Silver said that the group had been waiting for about half an hour when two firefighters cut a hole in the elevator ceiling and descended down a ladder into the cramped space. Everyone on board proceeded to climb up the ladder, and a second five-foot ladder to street level, where they exited through the sliding elevator door.

"My biggest take away TBH is that the fireman were so nice and amazing and I generally feel safer about NYC now," Silver said.

The MTA didn't immediately comment on the incident, but the elevator in question is out of service for repairs until Friday, according to the Daily News. All's well that ends well.