Yesterday afternoon, three people were struck by a car driven by an elderly man in East Williamsburg. The 71-year-old driver, who was getting out of a parking space on Moore Street near Humboldt Street around 2:30 p.m. Friday, accidentally backed up onto the sidewalk, pinning 51-year-old Elizabeth Castillo underneath, and also hitting her 3-year-old grandson, Tyrese Owens, and 17-month-old Tashaya Spivey. According to NBC, about 20 good Samaritans all rushed to help them by lifting the car up: “They were trying to run and he just ran them over. It was shocking. I didn’t even think, I just ran right over and started to lift the car,” Tyrone McCray told the News. “I just wanted to get the kids out. You could see the stroller sticking out.”

"The babies were under there, so about 20 of us got together, lifted up the car and dragged everybody out," said Edwin Padua, one of the other good Samaritans. “There was so much blood on [Castillo’s] face. She was mumbling like she didn’t know what happened. The little girl was covered in blood, it was just so scary,” said witness Wilfred Soto. The car narrowly missed Tashaya's mother, who was also walking with them: “My daughter was asleep in her stroller. The car just rolled over them,” said Anita Spivey. “We were screaming, ‘Stop! Stop! There are babies!’ ”

Castillo was taken to Bellevue Hospital and put in intensive care with a broken pelvis and abdominal bleeding. Tyrese suffered cuts on his face and a big knot on his head, while Tashaya had a broken right arm, an injury to her left eye and 35 stitches in her head. A 75-year-old passenger in the car told the Post she was also shaken up by the accident. The driver stayed at the scene, and has not been charged by police.