Drivers coming from NJ into New York over the George Washington Bridge were greeted with an unpleasant welcome last night: An exposed "finger joint" on the bridge's upper roadway gave 20 cars flat tires.

The issue occurred around 10 p.m. last night At one point, the delays were so bad that miles of cars were waiting to enter Manhattan.

One unlucky driver, Rena Allen, told WCBS 2, "My husband and I were driving over the GW Bridge around 9:30 this evening and we hit a bump in the road, a very hard bump, and we pulled right over. We were just getting into the Manhattan side. We pulled right over and noticed that our front and back left side tires were flat. And then we noticed that at least five cars in front of us and at least 10 cars behind us, the exact same thing.”

And not only that, Allen and her husband had to drive on their rims! "No tow trucks would come to the bridge and they wouldn’t allow us to be towed from the bridge, so we had to drive on two flat tires into Washington Heights and we got a tow truck from there. We were towed around midnight and there were at least 15 cars behind us that were waiting to be towed," she explained.

The Port Authority fixed the issue earlier this morning.