Twenty alleged members and "associates" of the East Flatbush Outlaw Gangsta Crips, including three believed to be the group's leaders, have been arrested as part of a 75-count indictment including multiple charges of robbery, drug trafficking, bank fraud, attempted murder, and murder conspiracy dating back to August 2013.

Authorities are calling the arrest a "dismantling" of the gang, which they describe as a subgroup of the Crips, and allege that many of the crimes committed revolved around rival gang disputes. For example, 20-year-old Cardero Passley has been charged with stabbing a victim in the torso, throat and neck last July, after telling a woman to stop playing a song by Ackquille Jean Pollard, a.k.a. the rapper Bobby Shmurda, who is allegedly affiliated with a rival gang.

New York Eastern District US Attorney Kelly Currie went so far as to say, “This prosecution effectively ends OGC’s reign of terror over East Flatbush."

Seventeen of the arrested are facing a maximum life sentence, including Solomon Artis, 25; Leonard Barletto, 27; and and Parris Desuze, 26 who allegedly conspired to murder a rival gang member last May, but were arrested when authorities heard about their plans via wiretap. Thirteen of the group are being arraigned today, in Brooklyn Federal Court.