2006_01_baby.jpgThe two year old Bronx child, Sherlyn Polonia, who died of a heart attack may have swallowed cocaine she found in her room because she thought it was candy. The mother, Johanna Bare, and her boyfriend, Johnny Carvajal, were arrested for drug possession, child endangerment, and reckless endangerment - and police say that Carvajal prepared cocaine in the baby's room. Gothamist doesn't know how much of these tragic stories we can take. Newsday reports that Bare thought that Sherlyn simply had a fever, but later she was vomiting white fluid and that's when EMT was summoned; after the child died, doctors were alarmed by tests that showed she had opiates in her system and then contacted the NYPD. This craziness goes beyond what child welfare can do - how can it end? Or even just get a little bit better?

The grandmother, Maria Almonte, is blaming Carvajal for the tragedy. The Post says that Sherlyn is also the niece of former NY Yankee Luis Polonia.