2006_04_childshooting.jpgA family on their way to an Easter dinner in the Bronx in their Honda Odyssey minivan became the victim of men arguing outside, as a bullet killed a 2 year old inside the car. David Pacheco Jr. was hit when the bullet went through the minivan's sliding door, and one of his sisters cried, "Mommy, the baby." Pacheco Jr. died on the way to the hospital, despite the efforts of an off-duty EMT and a livery cab driver who took the baby and his mother there. The parents, David Pacheco and Joanna Sanabria, were bombarded by the media immediately after - on the local news, one would see Sanabria wailing; the Times reported that Pacheco "smashed a camera into the face of a photographer for The Daily News." But the family also took the opportunity to criticize street violence and demand the killer be found. A bullet also hit an apartment window, and over 70 detectives are looking for the killer. This is just heartbreaking and depressing. We imagine Mayor Bloomberg will remind everyone that there needs to be stricter gun control, and then the NRA will say that that street crime is caused by illegal gun sales.