A 20-year-old man was shot on a Manhattan subway platform last night during an altercation that began on a 2 train.

Officers responded to a 911 call at the 110th Street/Lenox Avenue 2/3 station at 11 p.m. and found the victim with a gun shot wound to his left arm. Investigators believe the shooting was sparked after what happened on a northbound train.

An NYPD spokesperson says that around 96th Street, the victim was approached by the male shooting suspect who asked, "Do you have a problem?" The victim said he did not have a problem and the situation seemed to have resolved itself. The suspect, who was with a female companion, then went into another train car.

But the suspect later came back into the train car brandishing a firearm. An NYPD spokesperson said that everyone in the train car exited at the 110th Street station, including the suspect and victim, and then the victim lunged at the suspect while on the platform.

The suspect fired his gun and then fled.

NBC New York reports, "The woman involved in the shooting was apprehended by police, but the other man fled. No charges have been filed and police were unable to recover a gun at the scene."

A man who was outside the station told the Daily News, "You heard the pop, one shot, 'Pow!' and then mad people just came running out the subway... The way they were running you'd think they were being shot at. Then a white girl started screaming, 'They shooting! Somebody got shot!'"