Two teen boys were shot during a festival in a park last night near the Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway. One attendee told the Daily News, "We were having a good time. Then we heard the shots."

According to the NY Times, the victims are Jordan Lewis, 14, and Aakif Murray, 16. Jordan's aunt said he was stable "but said that Aakif appeared to be more seriously injured." One report said that a victim was shot in stomach while the other was shot "twice in the legs, twice in the stomach and once in the hand."

They had been attending a picnic in Mount Prospect Park, where a West Indian festival was being held. WABC 7 reports, "As the band was playing, eyewitnesses say a half dozen shots rang out. Once everyone at the festival cleared out of the way, police located the two teen victims." It's believed the boys were innocent bystanders.

Police are investigating the shooting.