NYC officials announced that two more people have died in the city's largest outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. So far, twelve deaths in total have been attributed to the outbreak which has occurred in the South Bronx. Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said, "The rate of Legionnaires cases is slowing. No one has reported getting sick in the last six days," adding, "Anyone who lives in the outbreak area and has flu-like symptoms, we want you to see a doctor immediately."

The two latest victims of the disease reportedly suffered from underlying health problems. Bassett said the outbreak is "under control," noting, "About two-thirds of Legionnaires disease patients have gotten better and gone home, which is also encouraging."

Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced legislation that would require buildings' cooling towers to be inspected for the legionella bacteria, telling reporters, "We are confident the Legionnaires’ outbreak in the South Bronx has been contained, and are working with our partners in the City Council to protect the entire city in the long-term through stringent new regulations for building owners."

While the mayor and city officials said that two more sites were found to be contaminated, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who deployed 150 state officials to help test buildings over the weekend, said that three buildings were found to have legionella. Because now is a great time for a political grudge match.

New York City has ordered that all buildings' cooling towers be disinfected.