While the scope of the alleged fraud isn't as wide-reaching at Bernard Madoff's, it doesn't mean accused Ponzi schemer Bryant Rodriguez didn't hurt his victims. Rodriguez allegedly convinced fellow parishioners at Iglesia El Camino in Washington Heights (which he first joined for baptism classes) to invest with him—promising returns of 30% every two weeks, since he was working with BJ's and Costco. It all unraveled when parishioners became suspicious when they didn't get their investments back. He was granted $2 million bail, plus must "post $750,000 in cash or property and turn in his passport before he would be released and would be subject to electronic monitoring," according to the NY Times. At the hearing, some people were present to defend Rodriguez, claiming they had received their investments. But the Manhattan DA's office says that the scheme may be bigger than the $1.1 million churchgoers invested, “We...believe that he may be perpetrating the same scheme in other churches.”