Over the course of this weekend a pedestrian was killed by a driver charged with DWI, a cyclist was killed by a hit-and-run driver, two teenagers are in critical condition after being struck by a hit-and-run driver, a woman was in serious condition after being hit by a curb-jumping livery cab, and a deaf boy was left brain-dead after being struck by a vehicle. "All of these tragedies were preventable," Transportation Alternatives communications coordinator Joseph Ferris told us. "The NYPD and district attorneys must do more to stop this scourge of crashes."

But so many fatal and near-fatal crashes in one weekend means that the NYPD's Accident Investigation Squad is stretched thin—there are only 19 AIS detectives total for incidents across all five boroughs. As we reported in February, Hayley and Diego's laws were enacted to empower the NYPD to charge motorists with "careless driving," but judges have thrown out many charges because the incidents lack witnesses.

According to Streetsblog, Councilmember James Vacca is calling for the NYPD to thoroughly investigate the death of 18-year-old cyclist David Oliveras, who was hit by an SUV driver in the Bronx on Wednesday. One witness said, "He wasn't in the street, he was by the curb. I feel like [the car] was going too fast, to hit him that hard." Previously the NYPD states that there was no criminality suspected in the incident.

"With more New Yorkers dying in traffic crashes than from gun murders, it's the NYPD's responsibility to make safe streets a priority," Ferris said. "And the district attorneys must charge these drivers to the fullest extent of the law."