Just what JFK Airport and the Transportation Security Administration needed: A passenger security breach! Last night, a passenger managed to venture to the gates by walking through the exit line - not the security screening line - which then caused all sorts of chaos.

A security guard saw the passenger walk by but "could not immediately locate the passenger" so the TSA was notified and the agency worked with Delta and law enforcement to find the individual. Then, per the TSA's statement, "the decision was made to empty terminals two and three and re-screen all passengers at 7:53 p.m. The terminals were evacuated and searched and re-screening began at approximately 9:30 p.m."

Okay, let's back up. How did the passenger get past security? The TSA spokesman Norm Brewer said, "As I understand it, he was challenged and stopped. And then what happened, I do not know. He at some point ended up beyond that exit approach and the rest is sort of history."

The passenger ended up on Delta flight 6044 to Albany and was detained by a sheriff. Rest assured (for now) as the TSA believes "There is no known nexus to terrorism at this time." And earlier this year, JFK got a new security company for its parking lots and other restricted areas.

Photograph of the Airbus 380 lifting off from JFK Airport in MArch by Vidiot on Flickr