A tour bus from Chinatown crashed and overturned in Delaware yesterday afternoon, killing two people and injuring 48. A driver who pulled over before first responders arrived told the News Journal, "Everyone was in pain and crying out for help... There was not one person without blood on them."

The crash occurred south of of Wilmington on Delaware Route 1. The bus was exiting onto the off-ramp to US-13 in New Castle, and Sgt. Paul G. Shavack said, "As the bus attempted to negotiate a moderate curve on the ramp, it exited the roadway and overturned onto its roof. The bus continued to slide on its roof traveling down a slight grass embankment, rotating onto its left side where it came to rest."

Passenger Hau’y Chen, 54, of New York City, was ejected and pinned under the bus; she died at the scene. Idil Bashi, 30, of Istanbul, Turkey, was critically injured and died at a hospital.

The bus was operated by Am USA, a tour bus operator in Chinatown; the bus company has had no recorded crashes in 24 months. The bus driver, Jinli Zhao of Flushing, Queens, is being interviewed. According to the AP, "The passengers were taking a 3-day sightseeing tour to Washington that began Friday in New York, authorities said. The crash happened as the bus was heading back to New York."